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Neuigkeiten rund um das Präventionsprogramm BAU AUF SICHERHEIT. BAU AUF DICH.
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Fokus auf sicheres Fahren auf Baustellen, persönliche Schutzmaßnahmen und die Vermeidung von Risiken.

Die neue T!PPS ist da!

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Aktionswoche “Anschnallen retten Leben!”

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Website www.bau-auf-sicherheit.de

Summary of programme content and the website www.bau-auf-sicherheit.de


Together with partners from the construction industry and construction-related services, BG BAU has set up the long-term prevention programme ‘Build on safety. Build on yourself.’ The aim: A significant reduction of workplace accidents and occupational diseases in the construction industry.

The programme focuses on the employees: by means of the behaviour-oriented prevention programme, they should be sensitised to dangers in the workplace, their risk awareness and health skills should be increased and their own actions reconsidered and changed. The core message is “safe behaviour is worthwhile for you, your family, friends and colleagues.” Everyone has the right not to be exposed to any unnecessary risks. No one should put his life and health or that of his colleagues on the line.

Vitally important rules

Nine vitally important rules provide guidance on safe behaviour to employees and companies. The central idea is the principle of saying STOP in case of serious safety shortcomings. The vitally important rules will be complemented with trade-specific rules over the course of the prevention programme.


A charter, signed by all of the partner associations of the programme, conveys the shared concern about the sustainable development of occupational health and safety in the construction industry.

Operational declaration

Every company in the construction industry and construction-related services can commit to there being no accident risks on its construction sites by signing the operational declaration.

Safe & healthy

At the start of the programme in 2017, the most important risks in the construction industry are focused: falls, accidents with manually operated machines, dust and UV radiation.


An accident can happen very quickly during routine activities! Whether with scaffolding, working on ladders, in building cleaning or elsewhere: if you’re not careful, a step made a thousand times before can become a misstep and thus end in a fall.

Accidents with manually operated machines

Although using drills, fastening tools (e.g. nail guns) and chainsaws appears simple, you should not underestimate the risk of injury when using manually operated machines. The consequences of tampering or incorrect use can be fatal.


Those who are working in construction permanently have to deal with dust. While most people are only exposed to low levels of dust in their everyday lives, dust in construction can have severe health-related consequences.

UV radiation

While the sun provides light, heat and thus well-being, it can also cause serious damage to health. If you are exposed to too much sunlight during your work, ultraviolet light (UV radiation) is particularly dangerous.



Programme videos explain what ‘Build on safety. Build on yourself.’ is all about.

Risk test

Test how great your risk is! Find out what risk type you are by answering the following six questions: Test (german)


Various employees support the prevention programme and show why it is worthwhile for them to build on safety.


Sweepstakes and competitions within the framework of the prevention programme.



News concerning our prevention programme.


Programme materials to download, print out, display and distribute.